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Davinia Rodríguez returns to Bilbao as Donna Anna

“It is always healthy to come back to Mozart” explains the Canary Island soprano regarding the Don Giovanni which she will sing in February in the ABAO-OLBE season.

January 2017

The versatile Spanish soprano Davinia Rodríguez will once again get into the shoes of a character from a Mozart opera, this time in the ABAO-OLBE season in Bilbao: she will be Donna Anna in the production of Mozart´s Don Giovanni which Bilbao Opera has programmed on 18th, 21st, 24th and 27th February. “It is always healthy to come back to Mozart”, the Canary Island singer affirms, “as his music, and the way the vocal lines of his characters are written, have such perfection and freshness that they do voices a lot of good.”

Davinia Rodríguez, who is already acquainted with Bilbao opera goers, is “very pleased” to be returning to this particular season, “one of the most important in Spain.  What´s more, I feel very comfortable in Bilbao, it is like going home,” she notes. She will be going there after having incorporated two emblematic roles into her repertoire over the last few weeks. These are Verdi´s Lady Macbeth from Macbeth – considered to be one of the most complex and difficult roles in her range – in Vienna, and Leoncavallo´s Nedda, from Pagliacci, in Turin. “Like Donna Anna, these are women with great character who know how to navigate their respective environments. Of course, neither Lady Macbeth nor Nedda come to a good end, but neither does Donna Anna, since although she avenges the death of her father, Il Commendatore, her beloved seducer is no more.”

The Bilbao Don Giovanni, a Jonathan Miller production, will be conducted by Keri-Lynn Wilson and, alongside Davinia Rodríguez, Simon Keenlyside, Simon Orfila and María Bayo head up the cast.